Peace Passers is a non-profit organization with 501c3 status from the IRS. Non-profits are businesses that operate in a philanthropic manner. As with most businesses, financial support is essential to support key operations that sustain the mission.

Peace Passers has collected over 36,000 items of soccer equipment and helped redistribute gear to thousands of people living in 55 different countries worldwide. Each month young people in the U.S.are completing youth service project collection drives learning their role in acting locally and impacting others globally. These actions would not be possible without the donated $ funds to support the work.

Financial contributions to Peace Passers are tax-deductible. Upon making a donation you will receive a receipt for your records verifying the tax-deductible donation.

Donations can be made on the website or checks to: Peace Passers mailed to:

Peace Passers
2804 Yadkin Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205