Donating Equipment

I have soccer equipment I’d like to donate. What kind of soccer gear is accepted?

Please review this list when putting together your donation: http://peacepassers.org/donate-soccer-gear-equipment

What if I only have a small donation?

If you are inspired to give back to the game please do so. Many small donations will add up to make big impact. It is helpful to ask friends, family, teammates if they have any new or used soccer equipment they’d like to donate to your cause. Email peacepassersinfo@gmail.com to find out which shipping address is best for your donation.

Does Peace Passers pay for shipping my donation of gear?

No, Peace Passers operates completely by donors volunteering to organize their donation and ship or drop off to one of the location receiving gear. Many youth clubs, schools or soccer businesses are willing to support donation projects as a philanthropic way to help share the game. If you are organizing a service project it is a good idea to incorporate raising $ funds to cover shipping expenses.

Peace Passers prefers to collect “team sets” of jerseys? What does this mean for my donation?

Ideally donors should gather 10 or more jerseys of the same color or style. Peace Passers collaborates with many groups who are working on the development of teams in under resourced communities. Providing team “sets” better facilitates the organization of the game and encourages youth and adults to function as a team, rather than individuals.
Single goalie jerseys and/or referee jerseys are acceptable of any color.

Is my equipment donation tax deductible?

Yes it is. Once you have completed your donation please complete the Shipped or Dropped Off Donations for Peace Passers Form. After this information is received you will be sent a receipt of donation for your tax-deductible records. 
This link below is useful for donors. (It walks you through what can be written off, and also has links to Salvation Army and Goodwill, which provides valuation guides to help determine the market value of clothing) http://www.moneybluebook.com/how-to-value-your-clothing-donations-and-get-a-tax-deduction/

Note that is it up to the donor to determine the “value” of your donated goods. Peace Passers will provide a receipt stating that you donated gear, and then it is up to the person or group to determine if they deduct and the amount they wish to claim.

Who is donating equipment?

Donations to Peace Passers come in from many different regions of the USA. Current players of all levels, former players, coaches, former coaches, soccer moms & dads (who have kid’s growing out of their boots!), Youth Soccer clubs, AYSO, High Schools, Colleges & Universities, recreation centers, YMCA’s, summer soccer camps, and community service collection projects organized by volunteers.
Be sure to check out the Participants Map to see the variety of donors and collaborations.

Can I do a community service project with Peace Passers?

Peace Passers LOVES to inspire soccer players to give back to the game. Volunteers have held Peace Passers birthday parties having their friends bring soccer balls for gifts, Bar & Bat Mitzvah projects, Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout projects and students who are required to do a service project for school assignments. Peace Passers is a great platform to design your own FUN community service project! If you are interested in organizing a collection drive check out the Fundraising page  orcontact Candace @ peacepassersinfo@gmail.com

Besides donating equipment how can I help support the Peace Passers?

A few ideas are listed here for you: http://peacepassers.org/ways-to-be-involved
We encourage any kind of donations you are able to make to our organization. Thank you for considering Peace Passers as your choice charity.

Distributing Equipment

Does Peace Passers ship equipment around the world?
The distribution of Peace Passers soccer equipment to people and communities is accomplished by collaborations with mission teams, sports ministries and other non-profit organizations who have identified a need for soccer supplies and requested gear to support their projects. Volunteers most often hand carry luggage (as extra checked bags on their flights) filled with soccer equipment. Sometimes churches or NGO’s organize international container shipments and Peace Passers is able to connect these groups with extra soccer gear to fill the space. If you are traveling with a mission team, sports ministry or have specific soccer project needs with another organization contact peacepassersinfo@gmail.com to inquire about equipment requests.

I am living abroad (IE: Peace Corp, extended mission travel, etc) and recognize that this community could use soccer gear. Can Peace Passers send me equipment?
Some requests for gear come in through people living outside of the U.S. In this type of situation it is up to the person or group requesting to coordinate shipping logistics (I.E.: cost & method). We can help by providing the gear but it is up to you to raise funds for the shipping and to ensure there is a legit contact to receive the shipment. Another option would be if a family member or friends are coming to visit you, ask them to bring an extra bag of luggage filled with soccer gear. In order to request equipment you must have a U.S. based contact that is able to receive items on your behalf.

Is there a fee for receiving equipment?

A $25.00 donation is recommended for each batch of equipment received. Sometimes groups will donate more, which is much appreciated.

If I volunteer to take equipment are there any requirements from Peace Passers?

Peace Passers was started to help re-distribute surplus soccer equipment to communities around the world that would otherwise not have access to proper gear. Once you’ve arrived at your destination Peace Passers does not promote “handing out” of equipment as it sets a precedent for Americans showing up in communities and giving away things. The ideal situation is to facilitate distribution through a community leader (respected soccer coach, pastor, teacher, etc) so that the equipment is handled properly. Another idea is to organize a soccer clinic for the kids using the gear. Remember simple is key & the kids will thoroughly enjoy any kind of instruction.

How can we get our story on the Peace Passers website or fan page?

Pictures & video help tell the story of Peace Passers. For people who have donated equipment it’s a wonderful for them to “see” the gear put back into play. If you would like to write a brief testimony about your experience or submit photos for a highlight story please send pictures to peacepassersinfo@gmail.com or post them to the fan page at www.facebook.com/peacepassers.

Wait a second, I read all of this and still have more questions!
No worries, contact peacepassersinfo@gmail.com with any other questions.