The mission of Peace Passers is to collect and redistribute soccer equipment to people and communities around the world. Through collaboration with partners, Peace Passers soccer gear donations help support team development and soccer programs locally and globally.

With Peace Passers you can donate new and used soccer equipment helping to redistribute items to communities that have limited access to proper gear. Give back and share the joy of the game with others! Pass the Peace by Donating Gear, Organizing a Fundraiser or Requesting Gear to support your mission team, sports ministry or NGO.


What’s old becomes new. Consider the used soccer ball in the trunk of your car or ball bag sitting in your garage. Our kids outgrow cleats that are still in great condition. Donate them and give another child opportunity to play. Does your soccer club or school order new jerseys each season or every few years? Collect the team sets and help spark team development in global communities.


Peace Passers distributes soccer gear through a collaborative approach. Partnering with mission teams, sports ministries, individuals & other non-profit agencies gear is delivered to impoverished communities in the U.S. and around the world. Peace Passers connects people who have gear to donate, with volunteers that assist in putting items back into play. Groups often carry the soccer equipment via luggage or organize international container shipments. Are you part of a group that needs gear to support your global community efforts? Contact Peace Passers to submit a request for equipment.


Need to complete a community service project? Peace Passers encourages soccer players to participate in a fun & meaningful community service experience. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, young people are more tuned into their role in contributing to the global greater good. Soccer is a passion shared among people of all races, backgrounds & economic levels. If you are interested in organizing a collection drive for Peace Passers please contact us


see more at http://peacepassers.org/maps/

Recent Posts

Brett Harbinson with Project 658

The City of Charlotte is a better place because of people like Brett Harbinson. Brett stopped by to pick up soccer cleats from Peace Passers. The cleats will be used to help support the development of soccer and sports programs with the refugee community here in Charlotte, NC.

Brett Harbinson Project 658The programs with Project658 serve people from approximately 20 different nationalities, all of which speak different languages and have different customs. Soccer is a way to build relationships and community among people from many different backgrounds. Check out the amazing work of Project658.com



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