MYSA’s Team Gale Force

One of my favorite things about Peace Passers is this: Soccer players across the U.S. who have recognized their ability to give back and make a difference in the world. Team Gale Force from McMinnville, Oregon is a brilliant example of how dedication, commitment, and teamwork can be executed both on and off the soccer pitch. This is a story that deserves to be told on the worldwide loudspeaker!

Team Gale Force 2014-15

BU12 Team Gale Force after a win September 27th, 2014

In August Team Gale Force needed to buy new jerseys for their team. New jerseys are always awesome, but the really awesome part is they didn’t just think about themselves.

“In addition to raising funds to buy gear for our team, we decided beforehand to make it a service project as well. Before the boys even started, they pledged to donate half of what they raised to a charity that would give to those less fortunate”
– Judy Ryan, BU12 Team Manager.



Team Gale Force raised over $2,000 as a result of their fundraising efforts. The players then dedicated half of the fundraising, $1038.50, directly to Peace Passers!! Words cannot express the amount of gratitude that I have for the players, coaches, family members & McMinnville community that participated in such an inspiring fundraiser. Peace Passers is a grass roots organization driven by your generous support and shared passion for the beautiful game.  On behalf of Peace Passers and footballers around the world, thank you for your participation in passing the Peace. May the Gale Force always be with you!