Collaboration Makes the World Go Round’

kenya soccer donations

Peace Passers accomplishes distributions of soccer equipment by linking up equipment donors to groups such as mission teams, sports ministries and other non-profits who can help put soccer gear back into play. A wonderful example of this kind of collaborative partnership exists with Partners for Care, a small nonprofit in Atlanta focused on community health initiatives in Kenya. Since August of 2011 Peace Passers has helped to provide soccer equipment to support PFC’s soccer projects.

In addition to medical clinics and HIV/AIDS prevention programs, Partners for Care strives to reach the youth of Kenya through sport ministry. Sharon Dicks, Director of Development at Partners for Care explains, “Most of the kids live in slums or on the street and don’t have the financial means to attend school. They end up walking the streets idly passing the time with nothing to do, often gravitating to drugs, theft, and alcohol. Soccer represents a way out of the destructive lifestyle and an opportunity to be a part of a team where they feel a sense of belonging and where they learn valuable life
skills, not just how to play the game of soccer!”

Please view the attached newsletter composed by Partners for Care highlighting many of the individuals and groups who contacted Peace Passers & have generously donated soccer equipment to the youth soccer teams in Kenya.

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